Circle of Love is a non-profit humanitarian association founded in 2017 with its headquarters in Zagreb, and helps poor and vulnerable children in third world countries.

Our biggest inspiration is children and young people who need support, and our goal is to help those most in need. We believe that no child should be hungry or live in fear, we believe that everyone deserves a chance, and above all, we believe in the power of education. That is why, through donations or monthly or annual sponsorships, we provide children and young people with the opportunity for education, provide school supplies, regular meals and the necessary medical care.

More than 400 children and students in Kenya are currently participating in our sponsorship program, and we provide them with tuition and at least two meals a day. Also, in the Kenyan town of Kitale, we built an orphanage for children victims of violence and abuse. In addition, in Croatia we organize humanitarian actions to help children with health problems.

If you want to join us in the fight against poverty or you are interested in more about our projects and sponsorship program, you can contact us via email or social networks Facebook and Instagram, and for more information about the association visit our website.